About Midwest Motorsports

Midwest Motorsports was created so iRacers could have a fun, friendly community to enjoy racing and have some good old fashion camaraderie. We all know how those Open Sessions can be.
The name Midwest Motorsports was born through the Owners Eric and Justin grew up in the Midwest where he developed a passion for racing. Attending Dirt races at Sharon Speedway with their father along with the long list of NASCAR racing as well. 

We as admins strive every day to make your experience better and better. We want to become one of the premier racing experiences you can have while on the iRacing Service. If anyone ever has a suggestion, please feel free to email us, or message an Admin on Discord. 

We are currently in Season 5 of Midwest Motorsports. We also accept applications all season long. 

Truck Series runs on Fridays

9:30PM EST - Practice
9:50PM EST - Qualifying
10:00PM EST - Race

Xfinity Series runs on Saturdays. 

6:00PM EST - Practice
6:20PM EST - Qualifying
6:30PM EST - Race

Cup Series runs on Sundays

7:00PM EST - Practice
7:20PM EST - Qualifying
7:30PM EST - Race

Road Series runs on Tuesdays.

7:00PM EST - Practice
7:20PM EST - Qualifying
7:30PM EST - Race

Thank you for stopping by and we hope you join us this weekend!