Admin Team

Eric Thaler - Owner/Content/Roster

Eric is the Owner of this League and takes pride in Sim Racing. Eric has had a passion for racing ever since he was a little boy. He wears many hats in this league, but the one thing that is always on his mind is how he can make the experience for you, better. 

Justin Thaler - Owner/Recruitment

Justin is Eric's brother and originally helped create the league with him. Justin's passion for racing came from his fathers and brother. Primarily the road racing fan of the family, Justin also enjoys turning left.

Anthony Kastor- Rules (Oval)

Anthony is our rules guy. I'm pretty sure he sleeps with them under his pillow. Just don't bring up Le Mans when around him.  

Ben Litherland - Points (Oval)

Ben - Our resident Englishman - AKA "Red Coat". Eric met Ben while they were experiencing Sim Racing through Assetto Corsa Competizione. Ben was their Points Admin at the time. Oddly enough, the Red Coat has a passion for oval racing, so we brought him onboard to tackle the task. Ben is a previous racer himself in England. Except they went right instead of left....

John Bates - Scheduling (Oval)

John has been around the racing world for a long time, running Legends Cars and Bandolero's in the Charlotte area for much of the later 90's and early 2000's. His passion for Racing has now moved to the Sim where he is experiencing the world in a whole new way. 

Josh Watt - Broadcast Specialist/Redidint Google

What a blessing in disguise this fella has been. Eric found Josh through a reddit post, looking for what he thought was going to be an endless search. Josh responded, stepped up and has brought many amazing contributions to this league!

Justin Gloeckner - Rules (Road)

Justin got his bug for Sim racing one day in JT's basement when he wouldn't get out of the sim seat. Since, he's been a key contributor our road series and dabbles a bit in our Trucks as well. 

Steve Hansell - Points (Road)

This guy. Steve, joined for our first road series and knocked it out of the park. He's a genuine guy, a great racer and had been an amazing addition to our road series brining great ideas. At one point Steve was a employee of USAC and being from the upper Mid-West, you almost have to be a fan. 

Dustyn Reinstetle- Social Media

What an addition Dustyn has been to our League. He joined this past season and has proved to be a competitive clean racer. We saw some posts that Dustyn was making to his personal account and we immediately reached out to see if he'd join our team. He's brining a great perspective to all series. 

James Johnson - Broadcaster "The Voice of Midwest Motorsports"

We got lucky meeting James through a post on Reddit. He jumped right in for a few weeks before offering his broadcasting services and we are super grateful for him! James has racing in his blood with family running in the SCCA. Although he's a "rookie" broadcaster, he idolizes the legends of the sport. He enjoys a shot of Crown Royal after calling our exciting Trucks and Road series races.