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Before moving forward with filling out your registration, it is mandatory that the rules for whichever series you sign up for are understood. Please see links below for the Oval (Cup and Trucks) Series, as well as the Road Series. It is your responsibility as a driver to understand the rules before signing up.

In order to become a Midwest Motorsports member, all three steps below must be completed!

Step 1 - Complete Your Registration

This is the first step and is the most important to become fully registered. Please click the series* logo you intend to register for, which will take you to the registration form. From the form, you will select your number, car, and any other information we need to sign you up!

*For oval series - if you wish to participate in multiple oval series, your selection will be made on the sign-up form.


Cup - Minimum iRating of 1200 & B Class License

Trucks - 2000 Max iRating


Step 2 - iRacing League Page

We have three separate League pages within iRacing - Cup, Trucks, and Road Series. You must join each series you intend to run. To do so, please click which one you signed up for from Step 2, and it will take you straight to the iRacing league pages. 

Step 3 - Discord

Joining our Discord server is mandatory, as all league communication takes place there.  

Once all steps are complete and the form is submitted, you've joined our iRacing Page and you're in our Discord, you will have officially become a Midwest Motorsports Driver! Congratulations!

Click the Discord logo below to join our server!

If you have any questions about Registration, feel free to:

Email us at or Message an Admin on Discord