Rules - Road Series - Season 6

You as a driver are required to read and understand the rules below. If you have a question - please contact the Rules Admin

Midwest Motorsports mission goal is to create a fun, competitive iRacing league of drivers of varying skill level. We are all here for weekly races, but we are also a community of amazing members, always willing to help and provide tips. We have watched numerous members' skill as a sim racer increase just by racing in our league sessions, and we want YOU to be a part of what this league is all about - a community of fun, clean, competitive drivers!

At Midwest Motorsports, we allow our community to heavily weigh in on the structure and format of the season - conducting polls on tracks, format, and sometimes even the option to change the car selection! 

We know that without our community, we wouldn’t be what we are! 

Our league values participation and clean racing more than speed. We know not everyone can make every single race, and that's okay. However, a league is to race with familiar competitors on a scheduled basis, not when you choose to race. We are a free league, however we utilize paid content (ie. cars and tracks). Please understand our participation policy before signing up.

As you read through these rules, please take time to realize that without rules, leagues would run rampant. Rules are created to keep people grounded. 

Do we expect you to operate yourself and your team under these guidelines? We very much do. Do we understand that rules will be broken at times? Of course.

If you have made it this far and want to become part of a great community of iRacers, congratulations! Now…. are you ready to become the next Midwest Motorsports member?

1.0 Code of Conduct 

To sum up our code of conduct, everyone should be here to help one another. Please ask yourself if you can do that, if the answer is yes, WELCOME!

2.0 League Administration

League administration is what keeps this league healthy and fluent. Without administrators, we wouldn’t have a league!

2.1 League Owner

2.2 Road Series Admins (this is the ONLY living section of the Rule Book and may change at any point).

Admins are to assist the league owner in admin roles. They are here to help run the series, and do so as volunteers. Admins take time outside of their daily lives and should be treated with respect - it's okay to question, but do so with an understanding they also have lives. 

Do NOT be afraid to challenge an admin on track. Admins are just like you, a “DRIVER”, if they do something wrong, you should submit an incident. 

If you have any questions regarding specific league information, please DM the appropriate admin.

2.3 Stewards

Stewards are a group of league or non-league members who the admins deemed to be “unbiased” when making decisions on racing penalties. These Stewards are to act as no-one knows who they are. Only Stewards and admins will be in communication. Once an issue has come to an agreement from a Steward, a member of the admin team will discuss the penalty or further action with the parties involved. 

3.0 New Members 

New members are ALWAYS welcome! No matter what point they enter during a season. Everyone is encouraged to compete with us.

Please note our participation rule in section 11.1. 

3.1 Equipment

We require that you have a working headset and mic so we can communicate with you during races should something arise. We also do not allow users utilizing gamepads, keyboards, mouses, touchscreens, etc. to race as these are unpredictable and hard for competitors to race around.  


4.0 Registration 

Drivers are responsible for completing all stages of their registration to its entirety. Registration is mandatory, and acceptance into the league relies solely on a completed registration.  Midwest-Motorsports has a simple three-step registration processes outlined below:

Again, all three steps above MUST be completed in order to be accepted into Midwest Motorsports.

4.1 Discord

This platform is used for communication/information purposes. This is where ALL communication with you and the other members will take place. Please familiarize yourself with this platform and ask an Admin for help if you don’t understand. We do our best within Discord to make it as user friendly as possible. 

Discord Link 

5.0 Choosing Car Number

5.1 Car Number Selection

Your car number selection cannot be changed once your sign-up is submitted. This car number must be run for the entirety of the season. Only available numbers will be shown on the sign-up. The number “1” is reserved for the current champion to run at their choice.

5.2 Car Manufacturer Selection

Your car manufacturer selection cannot be changed once your sign-up is submitted. This car manufacturer must be run for the entirety of the season.

6.0 PRO/AM Class Designation

Midwest Motorsport’s Road Series will feature a PRO/ AM class split designation. 

Current Midwest Motorsports drivers will be placed within the division utilizing the following procedure from the previous Road Series season:

New members will be placed within a division utilizing the following procedure:

Road Series Average iRating = 1,632

7.0 Race Sign In

Every race will be posted in #race-sign-in. You must react in order to obtain all points. Please react using the below Emoji’s:

Joining the race =  🏎

Not Joining and Not using Provisional = ❌

If we do not see a reaction, we are just going to assume you are NOT making the race.

If you are not racing that week, there is no need to contact an admin, just react appropriately. 

At any given time a safety car is to be deployed, @RaceControl will be joining the track in the [LEGACY] MERCEDES AMG GT3. DO NOT select this car when joining a session, as you cannot withdraw and rejoin in your car selection. 

6.1 Race Sign in and Attendance Policy

Race sign in closes five minutes prior to the race server opening. This allows our admin team to collect the list of drivers in a timely manner, and conduct an internal roll call.

** See penalties section for regarding attendance policy **

8.0 Racing

If required a quick drivers meeting will be held with all drivers. This will start with approximately 5 minutes left in the practice session of the server.

It is your responsibility as a driver to attend these drivers meetings. During these meetings, conduct for pit road entry and exit, along with other important track notes are discussed.

8.1 Setup

8.2 Weather

8.3 Practice

8.4 Qualifying

8.5 Race Length - Standard Weeks 

8.5.1 Race Length - Endurance Weeks

Select weeks on the schedule will feature endurance races.

Endurance weeks will be set for the following format:

8.6 Fuel Load & Tire Sets 

Faster drivers may burn through the allotted fuel at a faster rate than the slower drivers. This makes it so drivers will need to strategize, and attempt to be more efficient if they do not wish to pit at some tracks.

8.7 Repairs

8.8 Start

8.9 Cautions

8.10 Blue Flags

Backmarkers are NOT to impede, or hold up cars on the lead lap. As a backmarker you are NOT racing cars on the lead lap for position. Allow them to pass or a penalty will be given of -10 points per incident. Admins will issue a warning post race for any incidents noted per race for the first offense. Every offense after will result in a -10 point penalty.

8.11 Pitting

Announcing your pits will be a courtesy, if someone is near you and feel they may need a warning, please announce.

When exiting pit road, you must follow the pit line until you pass the blue cone. If you do not follow this, iRacing will issue you a black flag for an unsafe pit exit. Once you are past the blue cone, you may enter safely.

Upon entering the track with cars present, you must yield to their line. 

8.12 Incidents

Remember, we are promoting clean racing here. 

8.13 Black Flags

9.0 Race Chat

During racing conditions, please keep race chatter quiet. Set up a private chat for your team if needed, to avoid distracting other teams and drivers (@all teams and @drivers). Use of foul language, calling out other drivers, or excessive race chatter may lead to penalties or removal from the league. There is a race chatter channel in the series Discord, but it's not actively monitored by admins. 

10.0 Reporting Incidents 

If there is an incident during a league race that you were involved in that seems more than a race incident or accidental, it is the drivers responsibility to submit an incident submission for the stewards to review. If it is worth your time to complain about, it is worth a submission (both parties could incur penalties).

Incidents can be reported using the google form in Discord Channel #Incident-Submission. 

Incident submissions must include the following:

If an incident submission does not include all required information, the incident submission will be thrown out.

Some incidents during the race may be tagged to be reviewed immediately following the conclusion of the race. This will be carried out at Race Controls discretion.

Incident reports may be submitted up to 24 hours following a race. After 24 hours have passed we will no longer accept incident requests from that race.

Once incidents are received, they will be fed to our Stewards. Once a report has come to an agreement from Stewards, an admin will discuss the penalty or further action with the parties involved. If no penalty is to be issued, we will notify you of this. If a penalty is being assigned, we will notify both parties. 

11.0 Penalties 

Penalties work as a point deduction within the current series your violation occurred. 

At any point drivers are found to be conducting themselves in a manner that goes against the code of conduct or a rule infraction within a session, @RaceControl will notify/ issue a penalty as they see fit.

The following are league rules that will impact scoring/ starting procedures:

12.0 Points 

Our points system will be driven through a custom points tracking system build specifically for Midwest Motorsports. In order to receive the no incident bonus and full points for the race, each competitor must complete 75% of the allotted laps.

Points will be issued out to the entire field. Drivers earn points based on their overall finish. The points given for a position are based on the drivers division.

Midwest Motorsports utilizes two drop races per season. These are automatically calculated per Sim Racer Hub to the following standard below:

12.1 Bonus Points

Bonus points available are listed below:

Fastest lap* = 50 points

No incidents (0x) = 100 points

Lead lap (overall, not division) = 50 points

Most positions gained from start to finish** = 100 points

*Scored to the drivers of the fastest lap of each division

**Scored to drivers with most positions gained within their division; Driver must have registered a competitive qualifying time and participated in formation lap; Drivers who are penalized with pit-lane starts are ineligible. In the event of two (or more) drivers tying, bonus points will be awarded to the driver whom finishes higher in the standings. 

12.2 End of season Championships

The driver with the most points at the conclusion of the season, will be crowned the series league champion and have the option of running the #1 for the next season.